Unplugging the Web Increases Productivity

Darren Rowse explains how spending more time offline has made him a more productive blogger. Instead of constantly checking email, stats, IM, and other blogs, he has time to focus on:

  • Writing
  • Strategic thinking
  • Family

I see this trend more and more – as we are given a constant array of options to use our time, experience our passion, and connect with others, people are learning that unplugging themselves for greater lengths of time makes them more productive, and happier.

In some ways, I think we have become conditioned to feel as though we are achieving if we respond rapidly to others – be it via email, IM or simply checking RSS feeds. But this does not always create anything of value, and can simply be short-term ego boosters.

When you take a step back and unplug, you lose connections, but sometimes gain perspective.

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