Online Video: Adding Richness to Newspaper Articles

I will be sharing more online video that is produced by traditional print media, such as newspapers. First up, an engaging feature about a man whose conviction was overturned after 18 years in prison: Life Unbarred.

The segment was produced by The News & Observer out of North Carolina. Photojournalist Travis Long shared the background of how this segment was created on his blog:

“Colleague Shawn Rocco and I got a call from a picture editor late in the evening Aug. 27. We were to drive to Goldsboro, NC the next morning where Dail was expected to be exonerated. Shawn shot stills and I shot video.”

As I watch the video, I can’t help but think of how this medium adds a richness to the story that is impossible to capture with the printed word alone. This is not a matter of choosing one over the other, The News & Observer created many other articles covering this story, along with photos. Here is a sampling:

(via Andy Dickinson)

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