Online Content Creators Find it Hard to Turn Page Views into Dollars

Daisy Whitney of TV Week looks at the difficulty that popular online content creators find when trying to monetize their efforts:

“There is a very good chance that people creating shows that reach 500,000 viewers a month or more will be able to go full-time… I don’t know if you should quit your job, but if you reach 500,000 people a month or more, you will have opportunities to monetize it.”

“If a show has an audience of only 20,000 people per month, the creator should spend his or her time building an audience rather than finding a sponsor.”

The creators of “Ask a Ninja” pull in about $100,000 per month, but have this to say about monetization:

“You can’t take views to the bank. You need a concrete plan to turn those views into money.”

They solved this problem by partnering with companies for distribution and to be a part of a larger ad network.

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