8 in 10 Internet Users Multitask

It seems that Internet users are multitaskers:

“More than eight in 10 Internet users also do some offline activity while online, according to Burst Media.”

The most common distractions:

  • watching TV (58.3%)
  • job-related activities (33.0%)
  • reading a book (31.1%)
  • magazines or newspapers (29.7%)
  • talking on a mobile phone (23.6%)

“Keep in mind that many of these activities are not representative of true multitasking,” Ms. Williamson said. “It’s one thing to go online with the radio playing in the background, but it’s all but impossible to read text on a Web page and in a newspaper at the same time. Consumers are switching focus, rather than multitasking.”

“Still, anytime your attention is divided, your ability to recall and comprehend ad messages is impacted.”

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