Preparing Students for a Career in Journalism

Journalism instructor Mindy McAdams shares 5 things to tell the students about how to prepare for a career in journalism:

  1. “…you need to have more than one skill. Another way to say that is, You need to have more than only print skills.”
  2. “If you have not taken any online skills courses at all, and spring is your final semester, and the intro online course conflicts with one of your required courses that you waited until now to take — sign up for the online course, and delay your graduation. Do you want to graduate? Or do you want a job?”
  3. “You can go home tonight and learn to make a Web page. For heaven’s sake, there are only 10 tags to learn.”
  4. You should not even be thinking about Flash if you never made a Soundslides. Download Soundslides here… See what kind of story you can tell.
  5. “Every journalist can learn to gather and edit audio for online… You probably already have a digital recorder. Buy an external microphone. Download Audacity. Get busy.”

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