The New Media: Consolidation of Content Creation & Attention

Scott Karp looks at two media consolidation trends:

  1. The consolidation of content creation.
  2. The consolidating the power to decide which content gets attention.

His examples of content consolidation are particularly interesting:

  • Buying and selling links to influence search traffic — a practice Google is cracking down on to protect its own consolidation
  • “Citizen media” sites like the NowPublic, AssociatedContent, and the recently acquired Newsvine, which consolidate independent content creation activity
  • New York Times bringing the Freakonomics blog onto its domain and cranking out new blogs (over 40 now) in order to crank out more and more content at a fraction of the cost of its traditional print content operation
  • Vertical ad networks that comprise mostly niche sites you’ve never heard of but that get tons of traffic from search
  • Traffic networks — a larger strategy that encompasses ad networks, blog networks, affiliate networks (e.g. Glam, Reuters’ new Affiliate Network) — networks like CNN’s partnership with Internet Broadcasting’s local TV sites, which created the largest news “site” after Yahoo News

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