NY Times: Taking Online Video Seriously, Despite Lack of Monetization

A goldmine of interesting quotes from NY Times Sr. Vice President of Digital Operations Martin Nisenholtz, regarding The New York Times’ foray into online video. A sampling:

  • “We started to create original video for the web – and grew a desk from a handful to 25 people completely integrated into the newsroom.”
  • “Once reluctant print reporters are now carrying cameras into the field.”
  • “Are reporters interested in this? It’s the opposite. We don’t have the production resources to meet the demand.”
  • “What does it take to get a print reporter to do this? After about a half a day of training, the print reporters do get the basic skills they need.”
  • “To reach a broader audience, the Times must distribute its video outside of NYTimes.com.”
  • “Pre-rolls are fast becoming a universally accepted bad behavior-response.”

The Times creates more than 100 video pieces per month, but are still unsure of how to monetize them.

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