Yawn. The Death of Newspapers.

Have you heard? Newspapers are dead? While that is fun for some people to say, I still get the sense that it is the same old tug-of-war between the “old guard” and the “new guard.” More likely, people simply haven’t come up with a better way to refer how we get news.

Tim O’Reilly started a new round of online proclamations by reporting on rumors that the San Francisco Chronicle is in big trouble.

Dave Winer suggest that we reform journalism schools, and Robert Scoble seconds that idea.

Doc Searls reprinted his list on how to save newspapers.

Scott Karp, as usual, has one of the more interesting takes on the situation, stating that the current situation in the news business stems from a lack of imagination.

In short, a good time was had by all. In the end though, it is hard to ignore the reality of declining ad revenue:

“Revenue from advertising was in striking decline last month, compared with February a year ago, and were generally weaker than analysts had expected.”

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