Making Money Online May Be Harder Than Previously Believed

A few interesting articles discuss how to monetize the web. The New York Times states that “Popularity Might Not Be Enough.” A recent report indicates that if you want to build an ad-supported online media business, that is supported by a staff that creates original content, the numbers simply don’t work out. You would need to be attracting an enormous audience in order to turn a profit.

Jeremy Liew, a venture capitalist at Lightspeed Venture Partners, offers three ways to get to $50m in revenue as an online media business.

  • Be a site with a broad reach.
  • Be a site with demographic targeting.
  • Be a site with endemic advertising opportunities.

In related news, PaidContent reports that “Portals Are Back, Pageviews Are Dead.” AJAX, RSS and widgets are disrupting the Page view model.

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