Write Once, Publish Anywhere and Everywhere

Fred Wilson has some interesting thoughts on how feeds and widgets play into the online publishing model:

“One of the biggest changes out there is the world of distributed media. Feeds, widgets, embed codes, apis, and other tools that allow the publisher to make their content available on other pages. You have to do this, it’s critical and it’s way more than just getting your content on my daughter’s MySpace page. The web is disaggregating itself and reassembling itself in front of our very eyes as users take control of more pages on the web every day.”

“I like the idea of write once, publish anywhere and everywhere. When I hit the “save” button on this post, not only will this post hit the web at avc.blogs.com, but it will be put into my feed. That means it will appear in web-based feed readers and start pages all over the internet pretty much instantly. It should also mean that it (or at least the headline) should appear in widgets all over the web.”

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