Mashups: Remixing Data

TechCrunch looks at 5 services that allow you to “mix, rip, and mash your data.” A review:

  • Yahoo Pipes
    A GUI web app that lets you create new data feeds by remixing syndication feeds (RSS, Atom, RDF.)
  • Teqlo
    You build mashups by dropping specialized widgets onto the canvas and specifying interactions between them.
  • Proto
    Used to join your desktop apps with the web.
  • Dapper
    a web based application for generating XML for website content. You create “Dapps” (web services) by using Dapper’s virtual browser to grab content from web pages.
  • OpenKapow
    the industrial strength version of Dapper. It’s a desktop app that programs RSS feeds, REST apps, and web clips through a browser interface.

Read/Write Web looks at FeedBlendr – a web service that lets you remix your RSS feeds. ProgrammableWeb also has some great info on widgets and Pipes.

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