When the Music Stops for Newspapers

The Financial Times takes a look at whether the “traditional” model of the newspaper industry is sustainable.

“If you look very fundamentally at what is happening to the business, it is really a perfect negative storm, in the sense of loss of readership, loss of classified ads, and ultimately loss of display ads.”

A great read, covering so many relevant issues, including whether the traditional model is inherently flawed in today’s media culture, and how will quality reporting be funded? Another interview on PBS’s website discusses similar issues on the state of the news & media industries:

“The cost of newsgathering has plummeted. How do we take that and deploy more resources into newsgathering and news presentation? Why is it that right now, at a time when the world is getting more difficult to understand based on everything that’s happening are news organizations pulling out of so many places around the world? Why?”

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