How the Audience Has Changed

More and more, people are consuming media differently, and have radically re-engineered how they communicate with the world. Jim Courtney of Skype Journal takes a look at our always on” culture. For media companies, this is very telling of how the lives of your audience has changed. Do people read less print media because of the web, or because they are always connected to their friends, family, and rest of the world via networks and gadgets? The crux of our current situation:

“…there has arisen a crying need to manage our interruptions based on our interpersonal relationships and the real time context of our current activities. We want to ensure our communications efforts and time are spent more effectively with friends and family and spent more productively with the lifestyle service providers, business colleagues and clientele with whom we need to converse to carry on both our personal life and business activities. But such a demand requires a more intelligent algorithm for providing presence and availability information.”

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