The New York Times Focuses Online has a fascinating interview with New York Times owner, chairman and publisher Arthur Sulzberger. The most interesting quote:

“I really don’t know whether we’ll be printing the Times in five years, and you know what? I don’t care either.”

Some predictions from The New York Times’ futurist-in-residence Michael Rogers:

  • An explosion of mobile devices that are somewhere between smart phones and laptops. Laptops already outsell desktops in the US.
  • What will connect those devices? We’ll see an explosion of wireless connectivity and a number of devices that will compete through those networks. Fast, everywhere and always on.
  • A major shift will be when the millennial generation, the 10-30 year olds, become the dominant generation, start families and home-owning. The younger end of this generation have grown up with social nets and these will become part of their daily social and professional lives.
  • Big media is catching on really fast and they will adapt social net tools for their own brands. “Reporters didn’t get to be reporters by ignoring reality. We’re all these conferences and we’re all listening.”
  • Identity will develop hugely, so we’ll see an end to registration and a kind of clustered ID that we take from site to site.

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