Business 2.0 Launches Blog After Blog After Blog

Business 2.0 is quickly rolling out its new strategy, launching 17 blogs:

“What we are doing is essentially launching a mini-network of blogs all written by B2 staffers (including reporters, editors, and even our art director and a photography editor), and collecting all the posts on B2 Beta.”

Editor-at-Large Erick Schonfeld goes on to explain:

“Why are we doing this? Primarily because we think blogging will make us better journalists. Blogging about a subject on a daily basis is a great way to become an expert on that subject and stay in front of the news in that particular niche. It’s also a great way for journalists like us who work at a monthly magazine to engage in a more immediate conversation with our readers. People love to debate about the merits of blogging versus journalism, but I believe that distinction is going away. Some bloggers are already great journalists, and some journalists (we hope) will become great bloggers. “

Frank Barnako looks at this move with trepidation:

“Where do you find the time to add 16 blogs to your online day? I suspect you don’t. The only response is to be more demanding in your reading.”

On the ad side, as well:

“Web content publishers are pursuing smaller and smaller niches, while some advertisers are still looking for canyons full of audience. Online sales people lament that some advertisers value online readers at 10% of a print customer. It’s going to take a long time for the value proposition to change.”

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