Launch of a News Platform: Will it Shake Things Up?

PaidContent is reporting on the upcoming launch of Daylife:

“The mission is to gather and organize news in ways that are most relevant to the user. That could be by event, topic, author, geography or other factors. Source pages that show what a journalist writes about or who is quoted are part of the mix.”

What is fascinating to me is the list of investors, which includes Jeff Jarvis, Scott Heiferman, Craig Newmark, Mike Arrington, Dave Winer and others. Quite an impressive roster.

The key of this new site seems to be its open source distribution channels. The site is:

“…designed for use across multiple sites—will be open “to a degree” with options for revenue sharing and licensing for those doing a heavy volume. “Anyone can take what we’re building and add it to their own site,”

Another interesting aspect of the site is this:

“Beyond the main page, the site is automated. No edit staff.”

Given Jeff Jarvis’ constant cries for the overhaul of the news media industry, I am curious to see what this site will do. Or perhaps I should set my expectations on the due diligence of its investors. From Michael Arrington:

“I don’t know anything more about the company than what Jeff says, which is unusual for one reason: I’m an investor. I participated in an angel round of financing over a year ago (before TechCrunch) and the company has kept me completely in the dark as to when they’ll launch…”

That was back in July. Next week he can see whether this was an “investment” or just marketing for him.

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