Confusion: Online Ads, Web Metrics and RSS

Think about this for awhile: “Google is projected to pocket a full quarter of US online advertising market in 2006.” Marketwatch and eMarketer also report on this story.

To help you get a piece of this pie, here are the Top 35 Most Profitable Keywords in AdSense system:

“Expensive keyword” (high CPC) isn’t equal to “profitable keyword” (high earnings) due to the low volume of traffic expensive (niche) keywords produce. The best way to find really profitable keywords is to rank keywords by cost/day (cost per click X clicks/day) rather than cost per click. Almost all AdSense publishers are looking for the most expensive keywords. Let’s have a look at the top 100 most expensive keywords. But first let’s add 2 extra columns to the list: clicks/day and cost/day by Google AdWords estimation…”

In other news, BusinessWeek reports on unreliable and confusing methods of measuring traffic online.

And just in case you aren’t depressed enough with the Google thing and the web metrics thing, here are 5 Reasons Why RSS Feeds are Not Popular.

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