Social Media Fragmenting Audiences

Publishing 2.0 reports on reasons for changes in the ad industry:

  1. Mass advertising of mass brands is dying
  2. Audiences are fragmenting at an exponential rate
  3. The share of media time spend online is rapidly growing
  4. Online video has arrived
  5. Google has made billions on direct response advertising, finally realizing the promise of the Web to revolutionize advertising ROI measurement

In other news, it seems at least one large company may be having trouble mastering social media:

“TheHub, WalMart’s ill-fated attempt at building a social network for kool kidz who just happen to like shopping at Walmart, has gone offline. The site, which was up for 10 weeks, tried to keep content wholesome, and featured profiles and videos from “real” kids (aka actors) about how much they adore WalMart.”

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