Newspaper Battle for Online Marketshare

The BBC looks at people’s expectations when it comes to the words “news” and “free”:

“This is a generation who grew up with the world wide web. They usually get their news delivered to them in their e-mail inboxes or at the click of a button. It is difficult to persuade young people that news should be something you pay for.”

Over at Editor & Publisher, Steve Outing suggests that newspapers get smaller, and offers a list of focus areas, including:

“Changing the corporate brand from being a monologue with readers and allowing limited feedback loops, to a dialog. That means making all content interactive and offering readers a way to talk back or start a conversation, with journalists, sources and/or with other readers. “

Steve makes many good points, but I found it ironic that his editorial doesn’t allow readers to comment.

And one more set of lists from Editor & Publisher, this time Tom Mohr lists 7 reasons newspapers must win online.

Interesting reading, but I get the sense that if newspapers don’t “win,” Steve thinks that we would be left with a post-apocolyptic Mad Max sort of wasteland. And really, is that so bad?

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