Blog Explosion

Now that the web offers us citizen journalism, and no barrier for entry to post news, opinions, or anything else you can think of, some are feeling overwhelmed by all the choices. For those producing information on the web, some are feeling just plain lost.

But this sudden overwhelming stream of content online is not just a product of new technology. For many bloggers, people who post to YouTube, or diligently work on increasing their reviewer rating in Amazon, this is their chance for fame. New York Times had an interesting write-up this week on why people want to be famous.

“To be noticed, to be wanted, to be loved, to walk into a place and have others care about what you’re doing, even what you had for lunch that day: that’s what people want, in my opinion,” said Kaysar Ridha, 26, of Irvine, Calif., a recent favorite of fans of the popular CBS reality series “Big Brother.”

Will this same need drive people to submit content and engage in social networks on magazine and media websites? Perhaps the question is: how much celebrity can you offer them?

To me, the blog bubble that is now forming will benefit media companies and journalists in the long run. As the masses make a land grab for the attention of online viewers, many will burn out quickly, others will make poor judgments in an attempt to get attention, and overall, people will realize the value of good reporting, good information, and good commentary.

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