Over Blogulation

As magazine and newspaper publishers rush to convert their journalists to bloggers, we are quickly slipping into a state of blog overpopulation, as the masses gain confidence to speak up on the web.

Earlier in the week, I linked to a much talked about blog entry from Nick Carr where he balked at the lack of attention his and many other blogs actually receive. While Nick’s rant went a bit too far for some, he has a point. Blogging is time consuming. Once bloggers and mainstream publishers feel the tumbleweeds blow by their blog pages, you have to wonder what their next shift in strategy will be.

Scott Karp looks at the loneliness of the long distance blogger a bit further: “… the attention pie is way too small for most people with something to say to get a meaningful share of attention, even within a niche.”

Seth Godin also has some thoughts on the overwhelming choice of blogs on the web. His theory is that even if you do receive attention from the masses, it may be just for a moment, as blog readers are constantly inundated with new stimuli elsewhere.

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