The Long Tail Long Interview

Folio: magazine interviews Wired editor, and Mr. Long Tail himself, Chris Anderson.  Some excerpts:  “Once upon a time I used to compete with magazines and newspapers. Now I compete with magazines and newspapers and 20 million blogs. Readers have choices out there—some of them professional, some of them amateur. The name of the game is… Continue reading The Long Tail Long Interview

Standalone Journalism

Now, there has been a lot of talk about readers/customers/users now expeciting/choosing/demanding to be involved in the process, to be able to create content, be given some control, or be part of a community. However, Paul Conley looks at things differently: “We will soon see a slew of standalone, online, B2B publications being run by… Continue reading Standalone Journalism

Blog Niche

Mike Rundle looks at the meaning of “the long tail” and why it may be difficult to create an A-List blog: “If you look at nearly all blogs on the Technorati 100, it’s difficult to say they made it there solely on the quality of their content and not because of any external factors. These… Continue reading Blog Niche

The Drooping Tail

Jakob Nielsen offers a different way to view Chris Anderson’s Long Tail theory: “I’m amazed at how often articles analyzing Web traffic or “long tail”-type businesses use linear plots that fail to show what’s really going on.” Jakob champions the idea of paying close attention to Web metrics when targeting long tail revenue:  “… pursuing… Continue reading The Drooping Tail

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