Options: The World The Web Has Given Us

I am reading Herodotus’ Histories, a 2,500 year old text on the history of the ancient world.

The Oracle of Delphi plays promintently in this world: helping to decide small and large matters for individuals and countries. I couldn’t help but see a connection between this and a more modern place people turn for advice on the matters most present in their mind.

Google, and the web as a whole.

Trusted information is critical in our lives, and the internet provides an instant two-way mechanism to seek information and advice, and to share your own with the world.

Trust and authority are critical, and to a degree, people seem to trust Google and other sites to connect them to information. But it goes beyond just connecting them to information… People are discovering new processes, creating new partnerships, and trusted relationships are being built every day on the web.

Social networks are helping people connect not only to those already in their circle of friends, but expanding that circle.

Instant messaging services like email, Twitter, text messaging and IM have become a personal news feed, where the reader can share as easily as they consume.

And all of this is becoming an essential part of the lives of our readers and customers. At this point, it has less to do with technology, than with behavior. The web has made it easier to find trusted partners and connect directly to them.

Giving them not only more options than they have ever had before,

But more solutions as well.

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