News of the Week 5/10/08

Annals of Innovation: In the Air
"Insight could be orchestrated: that was the lesson. If someone who knew how to make a filter had a conversation with someone who knew a lot about cancer and with someone who read the medical literature like a physicist, then maybe you could come up with a treatment."

How Little Do Users Read?
"In the full dataset, the average page view contained 593 words. So, on average, users will have time to read 28% of the words if they devote all of their time to reading. More realistically, users will read about 20% of the text on the average page."

Publisher Tested the Waters Online, Then Dove In
"Across the company, the remaining print publications still typically play a vital role, but a lesser one — physically smaller and financially diminished. In 2002, 86 percent of the revenue from I.D.G.’s publications came from print and 14 percent online. These days, 52 percent of the revenue is from online ads, while 48 percent is from the print side."

TV Guide, Having Just Been Bought, Is Bracing to Be Sold
"The new owner has made clear that it is interested in some of Gemstar’s electronic assets, not the one made of paper and ink that has suffered through years of plummeting sales."

How to Foster Innovation
"Trying to hang on to your past success is a sure way to commit suicide, because it will kill all real efforts at innovation and creative growth."

Minneapolis Star Tribune to Restructure
"The Minneapolis Star Tribune, reeling under a heavy debt load and plummeting advertising sales, is on the brink of bankruptcy."

Newspapers Eye New Media to Regain Ads
"As vehicles for movie ads, papers must continue to become more nimble. That means offering synergistic, cross-media campaigns, designed to reach broader demographics than the daily entertainment section alone."

Survey: Ad-Supported Content Best
"A majority of industry executives expect that advertising-supported content will remain king and that digital advertising will eclipse traditional advertising during the next five years, according to a new survey."

Huffington Post is Death to Professional Journalism
"The Cult of the Amateur author said technological advances were turning ‘the media into the blogosphere’ at the expense of accountability and paid-for journalism."

How to get your site into Google News
"First, invest your time in original content, not just setting up more wire feeds. Second, "edit more." Don’t just stream out a new story with every altered keystroke. Take a moment and do a tough edit that will hold up until you have substantial new information to add to the story."

NewsTools 2008: Journalism that Matters" conference at Yahoo!
"The NewsTools 2008 conference sets its agenda as participants identify (and sometimes, exemplify) problems confronting online journalists."

NewsTools2008: This Reporter Becomes a Participant at an Unconference
"I often prefer the unconference style to the more formal conference, and this newer way of doing discussions was something I really enjoyed, especially the way it tended to include people rather than exclude them."

Duncan Riley Leaves TechCrunch
Another bloggers strikes out on his own to create a small media company.

MTV Plans to Increase Its Blending of Ads and Shows
"We are increasingly being asked by advertisers to create messages for audiences in our own voice."

Customer service via Twitter works for unpopular people too
"There’s clearly a need for people who can give large, often faceless companies some personality–and more importantly good customer service."

5 Tips to Grow Your Twitter Presence
"Today I’m going to give a few tips on how I’ve grown my own Twitter Follower numbers up over 5500 in the last few months."

Top Innovators in Business Publishing
"It’s a difficult environment these days for b-to-b media companies, as the slowing economy puts the squeeze on marketers’ budgets and added pressure on business publishers’ bottom lines. But where many see challenges, others see opportunities."

min’s b2b 2008 Women To Watch
"This issue started as a conversation among a handful of b2b media executives and has turned into a collage of inspirations, struggles, advice and most importantly success stories."

The Declining Value Of Redundant News Content On The Web
"Here’s the takeaway for original content creators: BE ORIGINAL. That means when you consider publishing an original news item, be aware of the larger marketplace for that news. If it’s hugely competitive, consider allocating your limited reporting resources elsewhere, and instead find other ways to create value around the story."

Friends May Be the Best Guide Through the Noise
"The proliferating number of blogs, user-generated content services and online news sources has created a dense information jungle that no human could machete his or her way through in a lifetime, let alone in an afternoon of surreptitious procrastination at work."

The Mac in the Gray Flannel Suit
"Microsoft Vista, the latest version of the software giant’s Windows operating system, looks like it could turn out to be one of the great missteps in tech history."

Google News now available on your iPhone and iPod Touch
"Today, we’re happy to announce that Google News is now available to iPhone and iPod Touch users in over 30 countries. This means that you’ll see a full-fledged version of Google News on these devices."

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