Meal of the Week!

Very pretty, and very tasty sushi:

Sarah and I went to see The Verve reunion concert in New York. We went with one of my best friends… Dan Black. Of course, he is marrying a girl named Sarah this summer, so it will be Dan and Sarah Black, along with us: Dan and Sarah Blank. Life works out in funny ways sometimes. This is a photo of my wife Sarah on the left, and Dan’s fiance Sarah on the right. New York is pretty in the rain.

Love this shot… I am always more interested in the audience than the band.

Look at all the cellphone and camera screens. Everyone is a reporter.

More screens.

Even the simplest things in New York seem magical… like this Parking sign.

If you were going to open a store in New York City, would you call it “Hippo Shoes?” I much prefer “Get ‘Em,” two stores down!

The New York Times building… somehow ancient and modern at the same time.

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