These are the People in My Neighborhood

Where I live, spring is suddenly here, with the temperature hitting 70, buds on the trees, and birds laying eggs in our roofline drain pipes. I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of the amazingly smart and passionate people I have the pleasure of working with. Below are just the folks that I had a chance to take photos of in the past few months – there are MANY more of you out there. Thanks for making my winter and spring so much fun!

Multichannel News’ Tom Umstead

JCK’s Todd Gast

Foodservice Equipment & Supplies’ Schuyler Williams

Corporate Communications’ Salina Le Bris

Publishers Weekly’s Robin Lenz

B&C’s Mark Robichaux

School Library Journal’s Luann Toth

Library Journal’s Fracine Fialkoff, Bette-Lee Fox, Barbara Hoffert and Heather McCormack.

Library Journal’s Anna Katterjohn, Bette-Lee Fox, Wilda Williams, Raya Kuzyk, and Heather McCormack.

Kevin Maloney , Traci Young, and Karen Field

School Libary Journal’s Kathy Ishizuka

Corporate Strategy’s Justin Goldman

RB Interactive’s Judie Ryer

B&C’s Joel Topcik

The legal department’s Jeremy Pomeroy

RB Interactive’s Jennifer Wilhelmi

Jeff DeBalko & Karthik Krishnan

Human resources’ Lynette Duffell, Lisa DeVoto and Angelo D’Agostino

B&C’s Elana Denis

Manager of E-Operations Dina Malen

Facilities Administrator Arily Rivera

Online Sales Coordinator Diana Smith and RB Interactive’s Jeanette Josue & Me

IT’s David Cheng

JCK’s Carrie Soucy

Publishers Weekly blogger Barbara Vey

JCK’s Bacilio Mendez

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