News of the Week 3/14/08

YouTube: The Platform
“Once again, instead of making it easier to search videos elsewhere, Google is making it easier to host videos on YouTube. Except that the new APis allow people to upload, watch, search, and comment on the videos on other Websites.”

Distinction Between Bloggers, Journalists Blurring More Than Ever
“Anyone who still believes that bloggers are one breed and journalists are another has been living in a cave since roughly 2002.”

Blogger Michael Arrington on Crowdsource Reporting
“What I like to do is post information far earlier than most journalists would post it… And I think an interesting conversation occurs then —where it’s not just me, it’s a number of blogs playing any particular story and trying to find the truth. And sometimes the truth can be found much quicker that way than through the traditional journalistic means.”

Lean and Mean: Running a Business Like a Startup
A firestorm was unleashed online this week over some tips for how to run a startup. To me, it was a good conversation on productivity, efficiency, and the power of employees. Some posts:

EBay’s New In-House Blogger Sounds Off
“Unlike eBay’s existing blogs and forums, which focus on more traditional (and sanitized) corporate communications, eBay Ink aims to give readers a peek inside eBay’s internal operations. Brewer-Hay has pledged to write unbiased entries about what he observes as an all-access employee of the $7.7 billion dollar company.”

Top Social Networks
“For the big players in the space, February represented a slight decrease in traffic, but the year- over-year growth rates seem to indicate that social networking (as an industry) has yet to peak.”

Mag Publishers Push Engagement (again)
“Magazine publishers are once again trying to wean media buyers from circulation models to new models that measure their success based on audience engagement. “

Bloggers Who Cover Washington Politics
“Groups of similar-minded people congregating together and publishing their thoughts used to be called a magazine,” Andrew Sullivan, the former editor of The New Republic who now blogs for The Atlantic, wrote in an e-mail message. “This is just a 21st-century version of an 18th-century innovation.”

This is How to Treat Your Customers
An interesting story, not just because of the outcome for one customer, but at how well one company understands the power of community marketing on the web.

When Social Just Means Another Way To Hype Yourself
“For this very large group this whole social engine is nothing more than another way for them to hype themselves and whatever conference/project they happen to be working on at the time.”

Where Every Ad Knows Your Name
“With big Internet companies, which already have a lot of data about users, moving into the ad network business, is every ad you see on the Internet going to reflect what you have been doing and reading about lately.”

Is Blogging Bad for Newspapers & Journalists?
Mark Cuban has a post where he derides newspapers for trying to leverage blogs for journalism. Fascinating article, as are some of the comments: “The benefit of a blog is not in what you call it but the tools you get with it. SEO, writing instant information, commenting, and builiding a community on the site and around the writer are really whats important for the newspaper.”

Chris Anderson Interviewed by Charlie Rose
On his book The Long Tail: “It started as as speech, became a magazine article, and became a blog. What happens is that all of these complimentary ideas come to you. If you open source the idea, and do it in public, people will help you. I gave away my intellectual property, and I got back more.”

Google Ad Manager Targets Medium-Sized Publishers
“Google’s new Ad Manager is a free, ad serving platform directed toward small and medium-sized publishers that don’t need a complex, customizable solution such as DoubleClick’s DART platform”

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