Google: The Biggest Social Network of Them All

How much traffic does Google get? I would imagine its more than MySpace, the current biggest social network out there. Google announced some new features this week that, increasingly, turns the web into one big social network, all centered around Google.

  • Google Knol
    This is essentially a competitor to Wikipedia, with two huge differences: a greater emphasis on the author and the ability to earn money via ads.

  • Google Profiles
    The current description of this feature is to allow yourself a single profile across Google tools. However, there has been a real need on the web for a single identity for each person that carries them across ALL sites. This could be Google’s attempt to unite the web based on profiles.

  • Shared Feeds on Google Reader
    Google is rolling out smaller “social” features to its services such as the ability to share feeds with friends on the Google Reader RSS service.

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