eBay Innovation: Making it Easier for Buyers

Wired takes a look at some new services eBay has recently rolled out:

  • A downloadable eBay Desktop application allows users to bid and get streaming price updates without opening a web browser.
  • Three new widgets can be used on blogs and social networks outside eBay’s walls: eBay To Go, GiftBay and eBay Marketplace for Facebook.
  • Bid Assistant automatically places bids for a buyer.
  • eBay Countdown is an easier (read: more in-your-face) way to keep track of auctions that are just about to close.
  • eBay Deal Finder helps you seek out items that will close soon but have no bids entered yet.

These are each really interesting, and dramatically enhance the buying experience on eBay. I love how they are paying close attention to the behaviors and needs of buyers in order to innovate in small ways.

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