Print Becoming More Like Web

The NY Times and Wall Street Journal take a look at what is behind BusinessWeek’s redesign, and renewed focus on the web:

  • Imitating the Web, for the Busy Reader
    “The Internet has hurt business magazines in particular, and the new BusinessWeek format — which includes more news summaries and fewer lifestyle articles — is meant to be more Weblike.”

  • Business Magazines’ Issues:
    Ad Slump, Web, New Rival

    “While most advertising categories may recover, the loss of ad revenue to the Web is only likely to get worse. The Internet has undermined the business models of nearly all print media. Magazines, which have a longer shelf life and offer fancier graphics than newspapers, had been seen as less exposed to the Web. While that is certainly true for fashion magazines, it isn’t the case for newsier categories like business.”

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