Newspapers Leverage Blogs for Growth and Revenue

More and more, newspapers are integrating blogs into their websites:

“Once upon a time, newspapers wanted nothing to do with bloggers, those amateurs who opined on anything that caught their fancy, whether it was interesting, or accurate, or not. That was then. Now newspaper websites, desperate for readers and revenue, are increasingly in cahoots with bloggers, posting and plugging them and even sharing advertising revenue. Purists may sniff at these online liaisons but, as the print newspaper industry shrinks, they may be inevitable.”

The article describes the blogging strategy of the Washington Post:

“It’s about figuring out how to monetize other people’s content.”

There are, of course, benefits to bloggers:

“Most bloggers are paid little, if anything, for the thousands of words they type. Teaming up with a newspaper is a way to establish credibility.”

(Thanks to Traci Young for the link!)

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