Eavesdropping to Advertising: Targeted Ads Come to Phones

Proving that life is just one big advertising opportunity, one company is looking to eavesdrop on your phone calls:

“Pudding Media, a start-up based in San Jose, Calif., is introducing an Internet phone service today that will be supported by advertising related to what people are talking about in their calls. The Web-based phone service is similar to Skype’s online service — consumers plug a headset and a microphone into their computers, dial any phone number and chat away. But unlike Internet phone services that charge by the length of the calls, Pudding Media offers calling without any toll charges.””The trade-off is that Pudding Media is eavesdropping on phone calls in order to display ads on the screen that are related to the conversation.”

I would be curious to play with this service, just to see what kind of ads they serve up if I have an entire conversation in the Smurf language.

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