The TV Industry: Challenges & Opportunities

An inverview with Tracey Scheppach gives a look at how the TV industry is reacting to the shift to digital media and online streaming. Some of the most interesting quotes:

  • “One thing you can take to the bank is: TV measurement is going to drastically change, and that is a good thing for not only the marketing community, in terms of accountability, but also the consumer, in terms of increased relevancy.”
  • “A lesson that I have learned from the digital transformation is what the consumer wants, the consumer will get. Don’t try to swim upstream regarding a consumer movement — better to ride the wave. The solution to the DVR dilemma is not a single silver bullet but a full arsenal of techniques.”
  • “Networks appear to still take up about 2% of overall streaming activity on a monthly basis. This is compared to YouTube at roughly 15%-20% of streaming activity. This comparison is a bit misleading, as it appears as though users are consuming more videos a month on YouTube, but are spending more time on the networks.”

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