Can You Make Money by Blogging?

Fred Wilson tries to answer the age old question: can you making money by blogging? The focus of his answer, is that you shouldn’t look for a one-to-one correlation between blog posts written, and dollars rolling through the door. The most successful bloggers leverage the exposure that their blog gives them to launch related businesses.

“First and foremost you need to build an audience, build trust with them, deliver on a regular basis for them. There’s no way people are going to come back again and again if your blog doesn’t enlighten, entertain, and inform.”

“Jason Calacanis has expertly used his blog to launch two businesses to date, Weblogs and Mahalo. If you click on over to Jason’s blog, you’ll see a picture of our friend Jeff Jarvis, who used his blog to build a very profitable “guru” business. Jeff is also launching several new ventures and I hope and expect he’ll use his blog to help launch them.”

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