Is Twitter a Powerful Journalism Tool?

David Berlind of ZDNet looks at how a journalist can use Twitter to quickly and easily inform their audience about news. (If you don’t know Twitter, check out this primer.) David describes how he uses Twitter:

“…I’m using it to summarize the other news, information, and random analysis that needn’t be processed with a full-blown blog entry… It took me all of 10 seconds to crank this out and publish it to my blog… Normally, I’m not one to regurgitate information from a press release. But, with so much data coming across my transom and so little time to process all of it, my choices are normally to write my own analysis or write nothing at all. In my estimation, writing nothing at all is of lesser value to ZDNet’s audience than passing the news along and disclosing that it came from [a] PR department.”

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